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Nashville 2010

Car show poster. I had a few people making requests for themes, cars and colors… I really like the typography, I feel I captured vintage Nashville quite well. The car is a little cut and paste but that’s how design works with 9 people in charge. I did the best I could to please the committee. More (personal) design coming soon, I promise.

Lastly, The car has been gray scaled and hand colored, I also used a really tight half tone screen on it. The before and after is pretty dramatic, but it’s subtle when placed on the poster.

Nashville 2010


Vintage Press Textures!

I fell in love with the printing press way back when I had a job at the Newspaper. My work printed daily on a vintage Heidelberg press. The press men would break my art into 4 plates and load them onto a machine that took up the better part of a three story warehouse. The best prints would be the first ones off the run, the plates were never quite lined up right and the work printed off center with amazing ink textures. The press men would calibrate the machine and eventually have perfect prints.

My issue with digital press’ and printers are that they are to perfect… Somewhere between then and now I’ve been obsessed with re creating the plate shift effects. That’s what this exercise was about.

What do you think?

Helvetica Sucks

Press Textures Sample


Texture Sample