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Charlie is a little scary… Ok, actually Charlie is a lot of scary! He was created for a Halloween art show in Oakland CA. His face is a real bobcat skull and his body was made from stuffed animals the dogs at work ate. His case is a stained cigar box, and the plaque was designed and etched by me, by hand.

Charlie is my interpretation of a Chupacabra. The faux blood on his face and clothes looks wet, because of the story I created for him. He comes from the ‘Ryan Robot Toy Shoppe’ and on full moons be springs alive and feeds on the neighborhood cats and rodents. He gave small children nightmares at that show… and It was awesome!

Everybody Get Up Shirts

EGU Shirts

Let’s face it, you can never have enough shirts. Especially hand silk screened shirts by local artists, you can purchase these designs at the Everybody Get Up art gallery in Alameda CA. I heavily tested these designs on animals to prove their workability. I think they are $15. If they are more than $15, e-mail and ill meet you there to personally pay the difference!

Hot Rod Show Tin sign, Merchandise

Faux Vintage Tin Sign - Merchandise

Faux vintage hot rod tin sign for the Goodguys Hot Rod and Custom Car Association. We had these printed on tin and then added additional distress to create the effect that this sign was really vintage… It looks great, but the web site gives it away.

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