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So BA MOTO got jealous…

Long story short my friends at BA MOTO in Long Beach got wind of this flask I designed and etched for a friend in my club. I told them when it was their birthday I would make them a flask too. That wasn’t good enough, after a long tear-filled conversation they decided what they really wanted was shirts. Here they are! Semi works in progress… They love them. Also, the BA MOTO FLASK is in works. I design and make them by hand, so I’m still trying to figure out how a production would work., visit them now!


It’s been… too long.

To much work and fun. I decided to just make a blog roll of recent highlights.

1 and 2 are two versions of the same poster. I like the simple one better.

3 is signage for a car show event

4 is the cover for a book im laying out, also my photo! Mexico was a blast on motorcycles.

5 is a sticker

6 is a band poster… the band poster image is an image borrowed from Graphic Fairy.

Enjoy! The 2011 Womans Expo branding project will be blogged later this week.

Last Placers – New

Already redesigned the last placers logo. It’s now JUST the text. The motorcycle man is just art used with the logo some times. Looks better, the circle logo was to… to expected.

2 for 1 – Logo & Poster

It’s been a little while since I updated this section! Ill spend the next few days loading some more of my latest work into the galleries as well as an update about my award at the 2011 Photoshop World Convention in Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, look at the two latest project. A logo for a local vintage motorcycle club, and a poster for a car show in November.

Motorcycle Club Logo